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Service Costs

You may be eligible for financial support to access our services, please contact Approach for more information.

Day Opportunities (including Men In Sheds)

£46.75 Standard Daily Rate (10am to 3pm)
£64.25 Enhanced Daily Rate for service users requiring one to one support within the group
£25.00 Half Day Rate-3 hours
£6.00 Transport Charge (within a 5 mile radius of the group’s base- not available in conjunction with half day session)
£5.75 Hot Two Course Lunch and Refreshments (Service Users can bring own lunch if they wish)

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My Day My Way

£18.50 per hour
£0.42 per mile while on call

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Carer Cafés

Currently There are no costs for this service, donations are appreciated

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Dementia Advisors

Currently There are no costs for this service

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Training Services

Currently There are no costs for this service

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Corporate Training

Costings are available upon enquiry and will be tailored to suit the specific requirement

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